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Personal Shopper Program

Who is Tamara Mellon? 

Tamara Mellon is the former co-founder of Jimmy Choo, and current co-founder and Creative Director of her namesake label, Tamara Mellon. 

What is Tamara Mellon? 

Founded in 2016, Tamara Mellon is a Los Angeles-based luxury women’s shoe brand. 

Where are the shoes made? 

Tamara Mellon shoes are handcrafted in Italy in the finest generations-old family-run factories. 

What is the Tamara Mellon business model? 

Tamara Mellon is direct-to-consumer, meaning the shoes are only sold on and in Tamara Mellon stores (NYC and LA). This allows for the best quality at a better price, without the retail markup. 

What’s special about your customer service?

Clients receive complimentary shipping and returns, and in-home pickup. Each purchase is guaranteed with complimentary shoe care (called Cobbler Concierge) for minor repairs. 

What is my commission? 

15% commission on all net sales for both new and repeat orders. 

Am I an employee? 

No, remote personal shoppers are only affiliated with the brand on a contractor / commission basis. You can continue to work with other brands.

How will I place an order and track sales?

Once your client is ready to place an order, reach out to a Tamara Mellon employee and they will process the order and track your sale.

What’s my incentive to get colleagues to join?

$1,000 bonus each time someone who you recruit sells $5,000 in net sales.

How do I send my client shoes to try without credit card information? 

Reach out to us and we will ship out whichever pairs you client wants to try. We’ll also arrange for in-home pickup for what they don’t want to keep, at which point we’ll process payment for what pairs they wish to buy (if any). 

 When will I receive my payment?

Every 45 days after month’s end, in groupings of commission earned in the prior period. 

How do I get started?

Apply here and we will be in-touch.


Call (866) 419-5500 or email .


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