The Making of a Classic

As a woman designing for women, I’ve come to know a few things about luxury shoes. Here’s what I’ve learned about bringing the best directly to you.

There’s a Science to Comfort

You’ll notice my pumps angle up at the toe, which is called toe spring. This along with a perfectly positioned heel are indicators that your weight is balanced between the ball and heel of your foot. This is the secret to a sexy, all-day shoe.

Make the Extra Effort

The time that goes into each pair of shoes shines through in the details. You can see it in the clean finish on my Rebels: most pumps are topstitched, but I’ve always thought that the elegance of a smooth seam is worth the extra effort.

Luxury = Traditional Craftsmanship

Despite being old-fashioned, there is a certain way to cut the leather so there are no side seams. Other designers often skip this method in order to save on materials— but I believe that luxury is founded on timeless traditions like this.

Old ways make the best new shoes. But don’t take Tamara’s word for it. See for yourself.

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