TM x Zoom*

*An unofficial collaboration.

Zoom is now more important to our personal and professional lives than (dare we say it?) the right choice in shoes.

Since you’re probably doing at least five of these per day, mix it up by downloading these TM-approved backgrounds and adding one to your next call.

Tap download, save the image, and get to Zooming.

  • Tamara Mellon Office

    Tamara’s Home Office (Yes, Actually)Download

    For when you have a meeting with your boss’s boss, and want your workspace to read more “polished professional” than “cat owner who recently moved.”

  • Tamara Mellon Chaud

    Bird in the BushDownload

    We’re over it. You’re over it. In a few weeks, we’re all going to be even more over it. That’s where this comes in.

  • Tamara Mellon Disco

    Let’s DanceDownload

    Maybe you’re having drinks with friends — maybe you’re on a first-date. Either way, dress it up (without getting dressed up).

  • Tamara Mellon Spilt Milk

    Don’t Cry Over Spilt MilkDownload

    Unless it means you have to brave the grocery store again. Then definitely cry.

  • Tamara Mellon Shoe Closet

    TM Shoe ClosetDownload

    At least appear to look like you took that whole “use this time for home organization” suggestion really seriously when you’re talking to your mother-in-law.

  • Tamara Mellon Linger

    Netflix BingeDownload

    For watching Tiger King at the same time as your best friend.

  • Tamara Mellon Blue Skies

    Blue Skies AheadDownload

    One day this will all be over, and we’ll walk arm-in-arm in the sun. Until then, this is the next best thing (and you don’t even have to wear sunscreen, unless you’re near a window).

  • Tamara Mellon Coffee


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