Work in Progress

We asked you: what can businesses do to help working mothers thrive during quarantine?

A major theme emerged from all of your thoughtful suggestions— that companies need to offer specific flexible scheduling for working mothers. And also, to make it truly flexible, i.e. no subconscious marks subtracted for mothers when they decline a meeting during protected time, or don’t respond to a Slack message right away. Finally, there were many creative perks ideas for businesses with greater resources.

We’ve rounded up some of your brilliant suggestions below. If you run a business, we hope you’re inspired to adopt a few ideas. If you don't, we hope you’ll forward this to your HR department to start a conversation on how to make changes.

Work In Progress PDF

What's Next

Download and share these ideas with your HR department (or equivalent). Depending on the size of your company, they may only be able to adopt one, or maybe it’s all five. Regardless, we hope this serves as a useful tool for what companies can work towards to supporting and retaining working mothers.


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