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For Mothers, By Mothers

At the height of the pandemic, we invited our global community to answer an important question: How can working mothers thrive during quarantine? Your candid, whip-smart suggestions are reflected in the following five propositions.

Great change starts with small conversations, after all.

  1. 1. Consider Focused Meeting Blocks

    “Focus on scheduling meetings in the morning or the afternoon. This way working mothers can prepare for their day by accommodating more time with their children’s schedules.” – Reyna T.

    Mandatory quiet hours (without meetings) would allow mothers to plan ahead and divide their time between work and childcare more efficiently.

  2. 2. Consider Unlimited or Flex PTO

    “Start a program where flex days, sick days, vacation days or hours can be donated to help working moms.” – Zoby S.

    It’s impossible to predict when a child (or yourself, for that matter) will become unwell. Implementing a more forgiving PTO policy means that mothers aren’t forced to multitask under pressure. Employees should be held accountable by results, not hours worked.

  3. 3. Consider Stipends for "Life Help"

    “Offer a stipend or similar for moms to arrange in-house childcare, meal delivery services, or admin services.” — Maria H.

    It goes without saying that many working mothers can’t afford in-house help. Updated company perks, such as subsidized lunches or pre-arranged childcare, would be extremely beneficial.

  4. 4. Consider Reimbursing Home Office Items

    “A purchasing scheme for high-speed broadband and digital tools or devices.” — Susanna F.E.

    Working from home is the new normal. By covering the cost of high-speed wifi, in addition to ergonomic desks and chairs, companies will increase employee productivity and job satisfaction.

  5. 5. Consider Sponsored Entertainment

    “Program activities for children, like a Zoom cooking class, so parents can worry less about structuring their children’s time outside of school.” — Jill L.

    Providing online educational activities can boost family morale and alleviate the stress of entertaining children during working hours. Even if it is via a screen.


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