At Tamara Mellon, we make shoes that age slowly but get to you quickly. We also know that loving a pair of shoes means living in them – so we designed a repair service for the next gen woman.

We guarantee every pair of our shoes under our first-of-its-kind complimentary Cobbler Concierge. For up to two years after making your purchase, you can send in your shoes to be repaired and they'll come straight back to your doorstep. As always, shipping is on us.

Because with all the ladders you'll be climbing, rules you'll be breaking, and glass ceilings you'll be shattering, you're bound to get a scuff or two.


Minor scuffs


Heel tip replacement

Hardware replacement

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xx, Your Shoes

Mr. Muffins

300 W 11th St., #K9

New York, NY 10014


Dear Mr. Muffins,

You’ve always been obsessed with me. It started with the constant sniffing and then the licking (your slobber does not mix well with my fine Italian suede!). Next… the unthinkable happened. 

You yanked me from my spot in her closet. And you sunk your jaws in and attacked! Perhaps out of jealousy, perhaps out of spite… I’m the only thing she fawns over more than you. 

After that, I was terrified she’d never take me out again. That I’d be deemed “unwearable.” (Like the wedge sneakers in her closet from 2011.) I began to think I’d never smell the spicy rigatoni at Carbone, walk The High Line, or shop at Dover Street Market. 

But what happened next made her (and me) very very happy. She called Tamara Mellon, and then placed me back into the beautiful red croc-embossed box that I came in

Soon after, the box (and I!) were picked up on her doorstep and brought to a place called Cobbler Concierge. The artisans there looked at me lovingly and not with pity. They studied my injuries and with surgeon-like precision, they fixed me. Perfectly. I was like new again—and they didn’t even charge for it.

When I came back to her after only a few days, it was like the very first time we met. She took me out on the town immediately. And afterwards, she put me back in the closet. 

This time on the top shelf where you can’t reach me.

See you hopefully never,

Her Shoes