Your vacation days are approved...

and you sent your OOO cal invite. Next, we created a checklist to get you holiday-ready:

Get a pair of white shoes (or both) from the OOO Edition.

We politely suggest booking a spray tan if you’re erring on the pasty side, or a bikini wax if you’re still hoping that ‘70s trend will come back. (It won’t.)

Maybe squeeze in one last workout. Maybe.

Post-arrival, suss out your best photog-travel companion. You look hot in your white shoes— pics or it didn’t happen.

Carpe DM: show the world how good you look, and post a photo with #tmoutofoffice.

Unplug and dive into your reading list that’s been piling up on your nightstand.


These shoes come with a complimentary spray tan or sugaring service from our girlfriends at Sugared + Bronzed. Read the fine print.



These white shoes also come with a complimentary Sugared + Bronzed service: