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Lasercut Edition

"Daido Moriyama's photographs never shied away from the dark side of sensuality — neither do these boots. I wanted to explore how the artist's "Tights" series, a collection of photographs featuring abstract, sexy fishnets, could inspire a shoe design. The laser-cut suede of the boots echoes Moriyama's play with light and dark."

Meet Moriyama, our first Edition.

This exploration of contrast, inspired by photographer Daido Moriyama, is anything but ordinary. The erotically charged series of three styles is designed to push the limit.

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Tamara Mellon Moriyama 02

A bold thigh-high, ​a chic​ knee boot, and ​a wear-anywhere ankle bootie ​are​ fashion for the fearless​, catered to the curious.​ ​This is wearable art, designed to reach new heights.

Tamara Mellon Moriyama 03

"​Daido Moriyama took ​to ​the streets, indifferent to technical and composition customs and niceties. He purposely sought to blue, scratch, and mis-expose, leading critics to inveigh against his rough, blurred, out-of-focus, contemporary approach to photography. This upending of convention caused a stir..."

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