Walk The Walk

posted 2016 Sep by

Walk the walk is a way of life. It’s a sensibility and a guarantee. It’s staying true to yourself in the face of fear. It’s about standing your ground even when your opinion is unpopular, especially when your opinion is unpopular. It’s about taking the road less travelled to the beat of your own drum and mixing metaphors whenever you damn well please.

I’ve invited a number of women I love and admire to share how they #walkthewalk in their lives. I started close to home-- with the women on the team at Tamara Mellon.

Jill Layfield CEO COO Tamara Mellon

 Tania Spinelli Shoe Designer Tamara Mellon Chief Design Officer

Courtney Mahar Operations Tamara Mellon

Stephanie Liu Product Manager Tamara Mellon

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