The New Standard of Luxury

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“Convention has never exactly been my thing. When I left my post at British Vogue to co-found a company with an East London cobbler named Jimmy Choo, I built one of the most recognized luxury brands in the world and discovered what I love to do most: design shoes and break rules.

Six months ago, I burned the rulebook I helped write when I decided to redefine the luxury experience and start my own eponymous brand. I’m giving women what they want, when they want it: No retailers. No outdated fashion calendar. Shoes designed by me, made by generations-old Italian factories, direct to women.

As a woman designing for women, a mother, entrepreneur, ex-wife, friend, girlfriend, philanthropist and feminist, the new Tamara Mellon is the most me I’ve ever been—and some of it might surprise you.”

xx Tamara

What everyone is saying about Tamara Mellon: 

“That old school luxury craftsmanship we fell in love with at Jimmy Choo, but at a much lower price tag.”

 Harper's Bazaar

"She's back with a vengeance"

 Fast Company

“Drawing from her deep industry ties, she sources her no-markup line from the same family-run luxury shoemakers she’s worked with for decades.”


“Hers is a model that cuts out the middlemen and, in so doing, lowers prices.”

  NY Times

“She clearly has a knack for thinking a few steps ahead.”

  Marie Claire

“A talent for creating some of fashion's sexiest shoes.”

 Harper's Bazaar

“My Frontline arriving truly made what is ‘one of those weeks’ into the bright spot of my day. My Tamara's just bumped my Jimmy’s and Loub’s as my new go-to.”

— Denise

“You have nailed it with these shoes! I just wore them for six hours and my feet and back do not hurt.”

— Angela

“The cobbler care is totally awesome—I live in Fort Lauderdale and let me tell you how difficult it has been to find a great cobbler that I can trust.”


“They are better than perfect, the fit is as made to measure.”


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